Shree K.R.Katara Arts College, Shamlaji is  updating the students to keep pace with the progressive and dynamic world.

With the inspiration of Hon’ble Prime Minister, World Yoga Day is being celebrated in our college from 21/06/2015. Since then the grand celebration of this day has been celebrated in many schools and College at the Shamlaji temple premises and for the last three years in the college campus and also on-line during the Corona (Covid-19) time. The international day of Yoga has been celebrated annually on 21st June every year. Yoga is an invaluable gift of indian’s ancient tradition. It is not about exercise but to discover the sense of oneness with our mind

At the suggestion of the State Government of Gujarat, our college  has started the implementation of ‘SCOPE’ from the year 2007. SCOPE provides clear learning outcomes and assessment for all examinations. SCOPE is to reach the maximum number of students of our college to create awareness to learn English language. At present, the college provides a platform for the students to learn English language through SCOPE and cultivate their professional readiness.  As a result, the institute has given the responsibility to the faculty  for taking care of it.

Our college has implemented this scheme from 4/01/2020 to transform the dormant powers of the students into self-employment through self-development. ED Cell is an interactive and fun-filled training of experientian learning. The students of our college take part in team activities and group learning and learning by practice. Our college is inspiring our students to participate in this training program for coming forward with their business idea to start their own business.

At present, our students are trained for jobs by companies like “BOSCH”.  For this, not only the students of this college but also the students who have failed 12th standard in the vicinity, and also the students who have dropped out of their studies, have been aware of this opportunity to get an opportunity from this scheme.The visionary program was launched under the title “One Step Towards Employment”.The main objective of this job oriented program is to utilise , established skill development, competence to deliver a unique vocational training for underprivileged students employable. Therefore ED is providing a pool of high quality skilled Manpower to the industries which are giving services or jobs to the needy students.

                                                                                          Finishing School
The state government’s visionary and long-term business oriented scheme has been running since the year 2012Under this, every student of Sem-3 and 4 of 40-50 students is given a chance. For this, students are exempted to join according to their interests and attitudes. For this, professors dedicate their time apart from study hours. The main aim of Finishing School is to empower the students with various skills. That make them ready for industries. The trainers of Finishing School enable students to earn their livelihood from the life skills,  employability skills and Spoken English skills. So that they can be existed in this competitive and dynamic world.

                                     These five schemes are like “Panchpran” for us, which we take as seriously as the curriculum.