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The College is affiliated with Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University, it is directly governed by the rules of the affiliated University, Commissionarate Higher Education, the UGC and Shamlaji Pradesh KelvaniMandal, Shamlaji.

The Management of the college is very supportive and encouraging. We feel pride to state that the Management is very enthusiastic and constantly strives for new initiatives in various sectors. It has an ever-growing vision of expansion and progress sustaining the standards of quality in all the spheres. The College has a very smooth, systematic internal co-coordinating and monitoring mechanism. The College Management promotes confidence and efficiency in one way or the other. The College Management offers enough autonomy to the Principal and positively supports the college administration to the best extent manner.

Shri Dilipbhai K. Katara– the Secretary of Management, Shree Mangubhai T. Ninama, The President of the trust always involves themselves and spare sufficient time for planning, monitoring and implementation of the various strategies. 

For the development of the college Shri DilipbhaiK.Katara, the Secretary of the Management always remain present in the college campus monitoring all the activities carried out in various institutions. He takes special care in ensuring the smooth functioning of the institution and provides instant support as and when required.