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Our NCC Unit was started in 1991, NCCunithasbeen initiatedwithaview,toarousingvirtueslikebrotherhood, characterbuilding, senseofadventure,sportsmanship, patriotism,courage,fearlessness, secularism,etc.amongsttheyouth. TheNCCunitofthiscollegeisduly affiliatedwith 34 Guj. Bn. NCC, Himmatnagar. A seniordivision NCCunit for boys and Senior Wing for girlshave beenrunning since 1989inwhichthestrengthofCadetsis55 boys and 55 girlsatpresent,and in the past the strength of the cadets was 120 ( both Boys and Girls)

Since1991 the college NCC unit has been governed by active, dedicated, enthusiastic and since re ANO Maj. Dr. A. K. Yadav. NCC girls unit is governed by young enthusiast ANO Ms. Jyotiben Kurada.

The college NCC unit has been equipped with all the necessary facilities. It has a separate office with store room where the clothing items and equipments, Demo Rifles, musical instruments for training and different charts have been stored. The largeparadeground andclassroom of the college are utilize donthe schedule of training.

In the beginning of the academic year, alumni are motivated and then selectedfor NCC on the basis of their physical as well as medical fitness. Training is being held on every Friday and Saturday. Independence Day and Republic Day arecelebrated by the NCC unit zealously. The leading events of this celebration are the rifle Drill, flagsalutation, march-past and chanting ofthe patriotic songs. The cadetsof the college NCC unit partic ipate in different camps like CATC, ATC, NIC, PRE-RDC, Tracking and Para suit held at different places allover the country. The cadetsal sodevote their services to maintain law and orderduring college programmes. Attheend of the academic year,College NCC Unit conducts the oretical and practical examination for Band C Certificates.

Inaddition toabove mentioned formal activities, the extraactivities like, Mapreading, firing, cycleexpedition, treasurehunt, Routemarch, cross country, etc. are planned every year.