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It is said that a healthy mind develops only in a healthy body. For the proper development of youth along with studies the activity of Sports and Games is also equally important. We, being an institute of higher education, strongly believe that it is our responsibility to provide proper ground to develop skills in the youth.
The main aim of the sports is to strengthen the youths physically, mentally and socially so that they may work for the betterment and upliftment of our nation. It enables them to develop endurance, character, discipline, sincerity, sportsmanship, unselfishness, sense of unity and high morality.
We from the beginning of the college run the activity of sports and games. It is an effort to bring out the physical skills in the youth; train them as per need; make them practice hard to build muscle power and develop brain power. We make our students pass through hard training and prepare them for various competitions. Successful candidates are selected for the higher level competitions.
The College has very good facilities of sports. It has a small playground. We have been allotted 2146.14Sq.meters land for gymnasium; it will be prepared very soon. The college has been very well known for its achievements in the field of sports. We have championship in Cross-country of women i.e. in the year 2013-14.The college looks after the needs of the students participating in sports.
Physical Instructor Mr. M.M.Chaudhary gives proper understanding about the skills and techniques of the game and build their confidence to participate in the sports activities. Our senior students and sports alumni encourage and guide them.
The sports participants suffered academically due to training, practice and participation at various competitions.We make extra arrangement to provide them adequate guidance for their examinations. Sports participants are strictly instructed not to neglect their academic duties as students. They are supposed to attend all classes possible.
Sometimes players get some major injuries while playing. In such cases our college authorities cooperate in every possible way. The injured player is immediately taken to hospital. The college has MOUs with eminent doctors and hospitals in our town who treat the player. If needed he is hospitalized or shifted to another hospital. All expenses of medical treatment are borne by our college.

Our sports activity earns the greatest credit to our college. At university level in the Athletics and Sports Activity our college wins Championship continuously in Football, Hockey and Kabaddi. The college has been enjoying leadership in sports right from the early years of its establishment. This adds an additional feather to the crest. The sports students become physically and mentally powerful. They always remain ready to face any challenge in their life. They possess a positive attitude that promotes them to do social work. When there is any sudden calamity or disaster, these people, because of their dashing spirit, remain ahead in the relief work. They remain fit and inspire others also to remain healthy and fit. Healthy body gives healthy spirit, which enables them to pass competitive exams. Many of our sports students succeeded in the competitive exams like army, police, SRP, BSF, etc. The college has given many brave army officers, police officers and athletes. To quote some names from our recent students Mr. Amar Sinh Chauhan (PSI) and Tarar Rinkal(PSI), Pradip Patel many such students have earned credit for our college with their excellent performance. It also enhances in them quick decision making power.





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