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The College has an Alumni Association only at the college level. It serves as an effective common forum for interaction among the ex-students.



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Following are its main activities:

It offers constructive and innovative suggestions to the college.
It organizes academic, literary, and cultural; sports and other socially useful activities among the old and the new students to improve activate and internalize the old and the news ideals.
One of the most significant aspects of the Alumni Association is that they remain with college in all the social welfare activities and felicitating ceremonies. Every year they welcome the fresher’s and motivates the students who excel in their studies with highest marks through sponsoring shields, mementos and other motivating gifts.
Moreover, the Alumni Association remain a great helping hand whenever, we need their support. We never ask any financial support from them. We ask their suggestions for the development of the college for the sake of the students.
Many of our alumni hold good positions in their respective fields. So they prove to be helpful to our college directly and indirectly.




Following are its main activities:
We get help of the newspapers and telephone / mobile for the network and collaboration with the Alumni.
We take care to see that the outgoing students of our institute become the members of our Alumni Association. We also expect these members to spread the membership among other past students as well.
Proper interaction with the alumni has proved greatly fruitful the development of the institution. They provide us not only with the latest currents of their respective fields, and thereby the outside world, but also with their valuable suggestions and concrete help with regard to necessary changes and improvement for the better functioning of the institution. Some of them are so well versed that we choose to invite them as Guest Speakers for the benefit of our students.
The eminent teachers as well as those who have left this institute to hold higher posts too are frequently invited in all major function of our college to extend their helping hand and make us feel encouraged and enthused in their august presence. We feel really proud and pleased to have such people occasionally amongst us.




How do students and alumni contribute to the effective functioning of the IQAC?
  The Students and the alumni contribute their best in most of the events organized in the colleges.
They offer their services as volunteers in Blood Donation Camps, MedicalCheck up Camps, Village Visits for social and Educational awareness.
They offer their physical, moral and at times financial support in times of natural calamities like the Gujarat Earth Quake.
Even in felicitating teachers who have been awarded Doctorates or have achieved significant recognition or achievement, the students and the alumni association contribute their best.
The students and the alumni make suggestions for the better facilities such as drinking water, toilet arrangement, library service, and thus, they make the functioning of the IQAC more effective. The members of the IQAC are in direct contact with the students. They regularly take the feedback regarding the progress of the college and requirements of better environment. The alumnus consists of members who are at various key positions in public and private sectors. The suggestions play a very significant role in making decisions.




Our Alumni,our Pride
TheDepartmenthasvery richalumni.Manyofourstudentsare working assuccessfulpoliceofficers,teachers,social workers, pressreporters,mediapersons, privateentrepreneurs,etc.inGujarat. Someofourstudentsareserving asPolice Inspectors, soldiers in Indian Army, BSF,CRPF and other Para Military forces. Weinthedept.try toidentify suchgemsandseethattheygetbrighter andbetter.IntheNCCandtheNSS units,thestudentsofEnglishDept.arehighestinnumber.
The college conducts parents meeting and alumni meetings where the complaints, grievances and suggestions are considered and attended according to their merit.




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