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The institute has a well-established system for the maintenance of campus facilities. This is primarily achieved through the monitoring of various committees like the Planning Committee, Building Committee, Purchase Committee and IQAC with necessary support systems. Sufficient support staff is appointed to maintain infrastructure.

Establishment and maintenance: The management has the policy to enrich the infrastructure facilities every year. At end of the semester, we have been conducting a meeting with the management and discuss the requirement of infrastructure and equipment such as Labs, Class rooms, Sports and computer systems.

Library: Our college library has an advisory committee that is supporting the function of the library systematically. The library is automated regularly through software SOUL 2.0, OPAC system for book search has been devised and regularly updated. Every year the management has been allocated the budget to purchase the resource such as books and furniture, book selves, internet, e-journals, building etc…

DELL/ IT Computer Lab: The institution has two Labs- Digital English Language Lab and IT Computer lab. Every year the Principal/Management through concerned Lab equipment such as Computer Systems, furniture, updating of Internet speed and Bandwidth etc.  We are interested to buy more computer systems when required. The institute maintains electrical equipment such as Generator, UPS, Batteries, monthly. The Institute calls the contractor (belonging to equipment) in case of major fault. The contractor analyses the fault and maintains properly. If the replacement of any part is necessary, then purchase as per centralized purchase procedure.

Sports: Institution conducts NSS Camps every academic year. It also organizes various Sports programme such as- Foot ball, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Volley Ball, Soccer, Badminton, Hand ball, Throw ball etc. We provide a special coaching regarding sports experts to students by Physical Director and coaches. The equipment in Indoor and Outdoor Gymnasium are regularly serviced and purchase new ones whenever required. Regular inspection and maintenance of sports fields and play Grounds.

Mineral Drinking Water Facility: The institute is conscious about the health of students and staff. It has its own mineral drinking RO system in the campus. Adequate budget is allocated for Annual maintenance of RO system. Plumbing maintenance and repair, including water supply and tube well, is done whenever it required by professional Plumber.

College Canteen: The Principal/ Management has established the canteen for the employees and students. The college canteen contains various eatable items for refreshment, so that they can take for their needs.

Class Rooms: We have adequate facilities to provide sufficient class rooms and furniture. We have high speed Wi-Fi enabled class rooms. We have provided six LCD enabled smart class rooms to enhance the students’ skill as systematically.