Shree Kaljibhai R. Katara Arts College, Shamlaji

Code of conduct for students, teachers, administrators and other Staff.

The college is affiliated with HNGU, Patan . The specific guidelines are given in SCC(Student Code of Conduct) on academic misconduct, alcohol and other drugs, assault engagement, of infliction of physical harm, banners, chalking and posters, discrimination including harassment based on protected class, disorderly conduct, events, failure to comply, bullying intimidation and stalking false representation, fire safety, hazing, smoking ,theft, vandalism ,unauthorized entry or access, violation of local, state of national law, weapons and fireworks.

There are also legal provisions enacted by the competent authorities of the institution from time –to- time related to code of conduct for teachers and administrative staff.

1. The code of conduct is displayed on website.

2. There is a committee to monitor adherence to the code of conduct.


3. Institution organizes professional ethics programs for students, teachers, administrators and other staff.