Shree K.R.Katara Arts College, Shamlaji


(I Create – Entrepreneurship Development Training)


Entrepreneurship Development Training programme is initiated in our college on 27th January-2020.


I Create is a typically five- day workshop, 25 to 30 participants can be benefited in this programme. The beneficiaries are motivated to learn more about the “how” of entrepreneurship and generally are equipped with a skill or hobby or domain knowledge they want to convert into a business.


In this highly interactive and fun-filled workshop of experiential learning, beneficiaries participate in team activities, group learning and learning by doing mode. At the end of the workshop, they would have learnt about the steps involved in the journey from Idea to Execution and practiced doing it in teams and produced a business plan.


After the AEW, typically about 20 to 30% of participants come forward with their own business idea to start their business. These are the candidates who are put through the next stage – Business Plan Mentoring.